Technology and automobiles have been related even more with the passing of the years, with the purpose of making our stay in the vehicle more comfortable and in some cases safer. Therefore, we must not lose sight of the updates that we can add to our car, and thus have more entertaining trips in family. That's why you should see the following technological items for the car that you're sure to like.

Base for devices

This special base holds your cell phone or Tablet PC in lengths from 11.5 cm to 19 cm. It allows you to easily rotate at different angles, even 360 degrees of rotation, to provide the best viewing angle. This product is the safe solution for tablets and cell phones, to hold securely and firmly during the journey. It is easy to mount on the ventilation grille.

Hotor Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The Hotor car vacuum has a high suction force of 5.0 kPa, which will allow you to lift weights up to 16 oz. It has LED lighting and transport bag. With this equipment you will be able to clean thoroughly every place of your car, since it has the super long cable of 14.6 feet, as well as 3 different specific accessories that will help you vacuum complicated places.

Rear Monitors

2 monitors easy to install as car headrests, with high resolution display screen 800 x 480, with screen dimensions of 7 inches. This equipment can transmit DVD IR, USB and SD. With these monitors you will make car trips more entertaining, and has wireless transmitter for easy playback, the audio is transmitted through the stereo system of the vehicle.

Air Compressor Pump

This device has an LED flashlight and a power consumption of 12 volts. It has an adapter that turns it off automatically when the desired tire pressure is reached and when there is overload. It is easy to use; you only need to plug directly into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. With this product you can inflate car tires, bicycles and balls.

Portable GPS

This GPS is equipped with 7-inch LCD touch screen and 800×480 resolution. When you park, you can play videos and play with your applications. It includes a rear camera with 4 LED lights, which you can view through the 7-inch LCD screen when you're in reverse mode, to avoid crashes and accidents.