As we've been telling you over the past few weeks, the car accessory market is in luck. There are many new proposals that help us improve aspects of our vehicles: safety, comfort or aesthetics are some of the dimensions of our car that the new accessories are ready to revolutionize. Believe it or not, it is significant how economically accessible many of these new technological advances are. Many of which are capable of turning a simple mid-range utility vehicle into a luxury car or, at least, into a safer vehicle.

Sound systems with integrated Internet

Undoubtedly the star of aftermarket car accessories is the new sound systems. Capable of performing as many tasks, many of these systems today offer integrated Internet, allowing the driver to receive and write WhatsApp messages without taking his hands off the wheel. In addition, online connectivity offers the possibility of interacting with online navigation systems via our mobile phone, as well as listening to any song we want via multimedia platforms such as Spotify.

Cruise and Driving Controls

Another of the big bets comes from the miniaturization of the components. Until a few years ago, driving monitoring systems required factory installation. Measurements such as fuel consumption, kilometers travelled or the range of the vehicle at a particular point on the journey were part of the information the vehicle could offer you if you had purchased this 'extra' at your dealership when you bought the car. Well, thanks to the fact that electronic components reduce their size every day, today it is possible to have all these driving parameters simply by acquiring an accessory the size of a key. In addition, these pocket computers are capable of positioning our vehicle by GPS triangulation, which will allow us to find it in case of theft. It is a more than interesting advance at an even more interesting price.

USB and Bluetooth adapter

Those who do not own a model of car just out of the dealership may often encounter the problem of connectivity. Our country already has almost two mobile phones per inhabitant, not counting the number of tablets and other electronic devices. It would therefore seem unthinkable that some of our vehicles - where we spend a great deal of time - are not yet suitable for this type of technology. Of course, a hands-free device is essential in every car; so many car manufacturers already install these devices as standard in all their models, knowing that they are at the same time driving safety systems that reduce accidents at the wheel. But in addition to this problem there is also another common: run out of battery in an electronic device while we are in the car. To avoid this, today there are simple adapters capable of offering multiple USB sockets in the car. Useful for professionals who must travel with electronic devices, but also for families who use tablets or laptops while traveling, having USB sockets in our vehicle is one of the best investments in car accessories anyone can make. Simple to install - many can be connected to the vehicle's cigarette lighter - they are, in addition to being cheap, a sure bet for the future, in which this type of connection seems to take hold every day.