Today there are many implementations of technology in various aspects of our lives, we see it in our mobile devices, in household chores and even in new forms of entertainment. It goes without saying that cars have innovations that were not thought possible before, however, there are certain tools or accessories that can make driving something simpler and more fun. If you don't know what to give this Christmas to a car enthusiast or yourself, here are some of the gadgets and accessories you can carry in your car:

1. Smart Car Adapter

Automatic is a small intelligent adapter that you can connect to your car's diagnostic port. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and helps you get a diagnosis of your engine problems and even remember where you parked it. It also shows you your trip history and can ask emergency contacts for help in case of an accident.

2. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A tire pressure control system allows you to easily control the tire's condition. This is a Carchet monitoring system that measures the temperature and pressure of tires. It comes with four sensors that connect to each tire and a display that plugs into your vehicle's power supply. The display shows the pressure of each tire so you can easily detect when something is wrong.

3. Advicy Drive

It is a portable device that serves to keep us alert at the wheel, preventing us from falling asleep. It works through a mobile app capable of detecting the driver's fatigue and level of attention. If the driver does not pay attention to the road, the phone will emit an acoustic signal to alert. If you do not react within 20 seconds, the app will notify your contacts.

4. Key ring searches for keys

It is the gift that all the absent-minded want. This key ring solves the problem of not knowing where you left the keys; just whistle when you can't find them. The keychain detects the whistle and begins to emit a sound and a flashing light. That way you'll know where they are right away.

5. Star Wars accessories

For lovers of one of the most popular sagas in the history of cinema, there is a wide variety of objects with the design of their most iconic characters; here we present two of them that can be an excellent gift to combine the passion for the saga and cars. Universal shift knob is easy to attach with Darth Vader or Yoda models and a BB-8 portable charger that may well fit into a standard cup holder and plug into your 12V vehicle's power adapter. And for those who carry their pet everywhere, if you're late for an engagement you can feed it in the car with the To Go Bowl. It's a travel feeder to avoid spills, perfect for road trips where the road is long. Now you know what to give or give you this Christmas to make your car trip more enjoyable. To travel more quietly remember to insure your car, which can also be an excellent gift that will give you security and peace of mind while driving. You can quote here the best option and hire in minutes.