The Opel Adam is a utility vehicle, a small car that bets on a chic and differentiated touch, the rival of Opel Fiat 500. Compared to the Opel Karl, this model offers us a less practical and economic vocation in favor of a more careful aesthetics. Its name alludes to the founder of the brand, Adam Opel. In addition to the aforementioned Fiat 500, it also faces models such as the Renault Twingo, the Peugeot 108 or the SEAT Mii. The Opel Adam hit the market in 2013 and is developed on the platform also used in the Opel Corsa, a segment above this model. In figures the Opel Adam has a length of 3,698 mm, a height of 1,484 mm and a width of 1,720 mm being its trunk 170 liters.

Convertible, sporty or convertible and sporty at the same time

It is also available as a convertible from the hand of Opel Adam Rocks. This model, in addition to having a convertible canvas roof, such as the DS3 Cabrio or the Fiat 500c, has the added value of offering a certain off-road approach with a new configuration for its suspension and unpainted wheel arches among other details (See test of Opel Adam Rocks). In addition, for those who are looking for a small GTI the Opel Adam has a sports version under the name of Opel Adam S, also available in convertible form with the Opel Adam Rocks S. This version has a petrol engine of 150 hp, sporting details and a new tune-up ("Three small GTI cheaper than the Ford Fiesta ST").

Opel Adam engines

The Opel Adam range has only gasoline engines, which is logical considering the urban character of this car. It has a 70-horsepower engine, an 87-horsepower option and a 100-horsepower alternative in addition to the 150-horsepower engine fitted by the Opel Adam S. In addition to the manual gearbox, there is an automatic option called Easytronic ("Opel ADAM Easytronic 3.0: an automatic and affordable gearbox, for only €750"). An 87-horsepower LPG-adapted engine is also available as standard. This engine can operate with both petrol and LPG, allowing you to take advantage of the lower price of refueling with LPG compared to the price of petrol. In the case of the Opel Adam Rocks there is also a 115 horsepower petrol option available (see test of the Opel Adam Rocks 115 hp).

Opel Adam equipment and finishes

As for its finishes Opel articulates the Adam range under a series of lines that affect the vocation of the Adam, finding us with the finishes Jam, Slam, Glam and Unlimited and S versions. From the most basic finish, the Jam, has air conditioning and alloy wheels while if we go to the highest, starring the Opel Adam S version, we find new aesthetic details (rear wing), sports seats inside (Recaro)... These finishes also dictate the mechanics available. The Opel Adam Rocks is only available with one level of equipment, in addition to the sporty S version.