As a car rental company, you may have problems with your rental car: in the case of necessary repairs, accidents, theft, fines or delays on the day of return. That's why it's important for you to know your rights, laws and practices that govern car rental. Here are our tips for responding appropriately in these situations. You can also visit if you want to learn more about peer to peer car rental; a whole new way to drive.

Your rights in case of a problem with a rental car

Unavailability of the reserved vehicle model It may happen that when a vehicle is picked up from the rental agency that the reserved model is no longer available. What options are available to you? You can request a higher range vehicle at the same rate. You can also accept a lower range model; the lessor will then be required to revise the rental rate downwards. And if that doesn't suit you, you can have the contract cancelled or ask for compensation. Delay in returning the rental car Beyond the fact that the vehicle must be returned with the full tank of fuel and the corresponding mileage under the terms of the contract, under penalty of paying a supplement, you must also submit to the date and time of return scheduled at the time of rental. You have an overrun tolerance of 59 minutes generally. Any longer delay will be invoiced for an additional day. Rental car failure Although the lessor is obliged to provide you with a car in good working order, a breakdown is still possible. In this case, you must use the assistance services of the rental company. Please note that your landlord will have to bear the costs associated with the fixed asset. Any costs incurred by you, such as accommodation costs if you have to stay in a hotel during the repairs, will be reimbursed, provided that your landlord has given you his prior consent. Rental vehicle accident During the rental period, an accident may occur. In this case, fill in the report and send it to the agency. If the vehicle is immobilized, use the assistance services indicated in your rental contract. Car theft You may also be confronted with the theft of your rental vehicle. Again, notify the agency as soon as possible. In any case, you have 48 hours to do so. Please note: If the keys are stolen, you may not be covered. The theft of keys is often excluded from the conditions of application of theft insurance. Pay attention to your personal belongings! Rental car ticket Please note that the rental agency will send you any report corresponding to the vehicle and the period during which you were in possession of the vehicle. It is therefore possible that you will receive a ticket after returning the rental car! Scratch on the vehicle Check the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inventory and have any scratches or scratches noted on the contract. If a new mark, not mentioned on the contract, is visible at the time of return, you will be considered solely responsible and should pay a repair invoice.

How to proceed in the case of a dispute with a car rental company?

To settle a dispute with a car rental company, you have two options, amicable or legal proceedings. We advise you to always start with the first possibility. By being clear, by detailing the situation well and providing as much evidence as possible (photos or invoices), there is a good chance that the dispute will be resolved under the best conditions. If not, you can have recourse to the district court for a dispute between 4,000 and 10,000 euros, beyond that, turn to the district court.