If you want to bring extra security to your vehicle you cannot miss this article on the best security accessories for your car. However, it must be borne in mind that although all these devices can improve the driving experience it is necessary to ensure that any accessory we buy is properly approved.

5.5" HUD A8

This accessory can improve your driving safety. Some models currently on sale already include this type of standard accessory and allow you to see parameters such as speed, engine revolutions, oil temperature or fuel consumption projected on the front windscreen, thus avoiding having to look away from the road. If your car doesn't come standard, this can be an excellent way to implement it. It sits on the dashboard on a non-slip surface in the position of your choice.

F30 Dual Lens Camera

It is a driving camera is that it is actually two cameras steerable in a radius of 120°, joined in a single device so that you can expand the recording radius. For example, you can place it in the back of the vehicle, orienting one of the cameras towards the front, while the other will monitor everything that happens behind the vehicle. The device includes a 2.7-inch screen on which you can display the content picked up by both cameras. In addition, it has an emergency sensor that, upon detecting an impact on the vehicle, automatically saves the images it has collected seconds before the impact.

SQ8 Mini DV Camera

This is a mini "Dashcam" type camera that you can install on the dashboard of your car, motorcycle or truck to record everything that happens in front of you. This type of device can be very useful as evidence in case of an accident as everything will be recorded in Full HD quality. The camera has a 12 megapixel lens and the long battery life allows you to record up to 100 minutes of 1080p video and store it on a 32GB microSD card without having to charge it, although you can also carry it connected to the car's cigarette lighter socket. Given its small size, just over 2 cm on each side, you can install it anywhere on the dashboard and even wear it, as it includes a clip with which you can attach it to your clothes.

Rain repellent and headlight cleaner

The way you hear it, there is nothing like a good rain repellent also to improve, in part, our safety. It is a cream that gives greater comfort during the driving process. This cream acts as a kind of force field against the rain and also serves in some way to clean impurities. It's an inexpensive item that you'll find easily. In the same line we find the most optimal headlight cleaners on the market, which are undoubtedly a great option if we want to leave the headlights as new. There is nothing like having a restoration kit and you can find it in any car product store for a price close to 25 euros.

Change the size of your rearview mirror

Do you get the feeling when you drive that your rearview mirror could be much wider? In Japan they come from these maxi mirrors that will allow you to have a much wider angle of vision. This is a type of 400 mm rotating mirror. The goal when using this complement that will undoubtedly improve your safety at the wheel is to avoid glare and glare and can be found for about 15 euros.

A portable battery

As if the spare battery of a mobile phone were treated, nothing like a portable battery for the car that is able to fit in a pocket. And is that whether your bike or your car run out of battery, the car does not start, you go camping or you have to charge your laptop, tablet or camera, these congratulations because they have already invented a battery that fits in the pocket. Its recharging system is extremely simple, just have a plug or from the cigarette lighter and ready.

Support for the mobile

Although at present we all have a support for the mobile could not miss in our list. And is that if there is something that can really end up causing a significant decline in our security is to use the mobile phone while driving. However, if we need to use the mobile phone for other purposes, we can do it without any problem. For example, it can be used as if it were a browser, as long as it is anchored in a support like the ones we are talking about. This is the only way to avoid manipulating it and endangering security.

External vision cameras

If you want to have more control over what's outside your car because there are areas that are not always seen clearly, external vision cameras can be what you need. This type of camera can offer a very useful aid during our driving. These are objects that usually consist, on the one hand, by the camera itself, which is placed in the back of the car, and a monitor, through which we will be shown the images collected by it. Thanks to all this what is achieved is to have total control over the space surrounding the vehicle in question, eliminating any possible blind spot that may be and be dangerous.

Additional braking indicators

On the other hand, another of the complements for cars that can give us an extra contribution of security those are the additional indicators of braking. These are a series of devices that add an extra brake light to our vehicle. In this way what is achieved is to facilitate its visualization by the rest of drivers.

Current transformers

This type of accessory more than being useful to improve the safety of the vehicle it is to optimize the resources that the cars allow us to have. Once connected to the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle, these transformers will provide us with electrical current of different intensities. Some also offer the possibility of connecting our devices via USB to recharge our electronic devices.