Are you going to move soon and are you already starting to prepare the boxes? That's good, you're organized, but have you thought about the size of the truck you'll need? Here are some tips to follow to help you choose the right utility model for a worry-free move.

Estimate the volume to be moved

Before choosing the right size truck for your move, start by estimating the volume you will need. If the utility you rent is too small, you will have to make several trips back and forth, it is stressful and tiring. If it's too big, you'll waste money! There are two methods to estimate the volume:
  • The approximate method: often used by professionals, it simply consists in halving the surface area of your home. For example, if you need to move a 50 square meter vehicle, you can opt for a utility vehicle of about 25 cubic meters. It is a quick way to calculate but not very accurate.
  • The volume calculator: it will allow you to calculate the volume of your move, you will find some on the web. Simply enter the type and number of pieces of furniture and cardboard per room and you will get an accurate estimate.
Our advice: take into account furniture that cannot be dismantled, objects that are too bulky and will not fit in the boxes and round up!

Choose a moving truck according to its volume

Thanks to the volume estimate, you will be able to rent the most suitable van or truck for your move. Which utility or truck to rent depending on the volume of your move?
  • Up to 9 cubic meters: you can opt for a Peugeot Expert van. Depending on the version, you will benefit from 4 to 6 cubic meters of volume. The advantages of these models are based on their driving comfort similar to that of a minivan, and their very practical side door for loading and unloading.
  • Over 10 cubic meters: choose a Peugeot Boxer van or truck. With the version with up to 15 cubic meters of volume, you are sure to have all the space you need. In addition, these vehicles are accessible with a B permit.
Our advice: do not focus only on the volume of your cargo: also take into account the dimensions and weight of the items to be moved!

Choose a moving truck

Before finalizing your choice, study the utility models according to their size and weight capacity. What are their internal dimensions and payload?
  • The total height of the trunk: this is useful if you have, for example, streetlights or other objects of unusual dimensions!
  • Payload: for your driving comfort and safety, you must not exceed a certain load. To do this, estimate the total weight of your move by thinking about furniture, of course, but also household appliances and boxes!
Our advice: Choosing a suitable moving truck in terms of size, capacity and payload is an essential step. To go further and rent your van at the best price: don't forget to consult our tips for moving smart!