The Ford Fiesta is one of Ford's best-known and most popular models. The Ford Fiesta is a practical utility that is presented in 3 or 5-door bodies that was completely renovated in 2017 and represents a technological alternative and very fun to drive within its segment, with a very complete range of engines and finishes. The history of Ford Fiesta goes back, uninterruptedly, to the first Ford Fiesta in 1976. The Ford Fiesta's most direct rivals would be the so-called "B Segment" utility vehicles such as the SEAT Ibiza, the Volkswagen Polo, the Renault Clio, the Kia Rio or the Hyundai i20, cars that are usually only available in 5-door bodywork and lack the 3-door Fiesta option. You can consult in this guide all the rivals of Ford Fiesta, valued and commented one by one.

Ford Fiesta exterior design

The Ford Fiesta has a dynamic, attractive and youthful design, with a continuous line with its predecessors while remaining a modern and current car. The Ford Fiesta measures 4.04 meters long, which makes that for the first time in its history this generation exceeds 4 meters in length, something necessary for the model given the growth of the Ford Ka+, which has a body with 5 doors and a fairly large interior. Outwardly, Ford Fiesta is offered with 5 very different styles, called Trend, Active, ST-Line, Titanium and Vignale, being the finishes Active and Vignale unpublished until now in this utilitarian. Unlike many of its rivals, it maintains the presence of a 3-door body.

Ford Fiesta trend and titanium

The Ford Fiesta Trend and Titanium finishes represent continuity with the traditional Ford Fiesta range with discreet aesthetics and very complete equipment finishes. Aesthetically it would be the simplest and most discreet Ford Fiesta range.

Ford Fiesta ST-Line

For those looking for sportiness in price and performance, the Ford Fiesta ST-Line is a version with a sporty look, and details very close to those of a ST, but with your feet on the ground. You can consult in this link our test of the Ford Fiesta ST-Line.