Have you decided to rent a car for your next vacation in London? It's an excellent solution! You will be able to choose a vehicle that you like and that meets your criteria very precisely. And you can travel safely: the rental cars are new and offer the latest in comfort and handling. But it is not always easy to see clearly when faced with all the offers available and your budget is not unlimited! Here are some tips to follow to make the right choice. You can also visit https://www.drivy.co.uk for more information about car rental and private car hire in London.

How to choose your rental car for the holidays?

Take the time to properly assess your needs:
  • How many will you be? Number of passengers during the trip but also invited during the holidays
  • How many suitcases will you take with you? Will you have any equipment to transport?
  • How many kilometers will you drive? (Go to Google map or Mappy to evaluate these km)
  • Will you have parking on site? How big will it be?
Remember: by asking yourself the right questions, you will better define the type of vehicle you need. Choose your car category according to your needs: You will not have the same needs if you are travelling with 2 people or with the children, just as if you are only 2 hours away from your holiday destination or if you have to cross France! Between a city car, a sedan or a minivan, you have to choose the car best suited to your project! Then, compare prices according to these 3 rules:
  • Based on equivalent vehicles,
  • Select the same equipment (GPS, air conditioning, child seat, etc.),
  • The same contract options (limited or unlimited mileage, insurance extensions, etc.),
  • The same rental dates.
Warning: Don't rely on the daily rate; it's only a call price that can easily double once you add all the options you want! You should also know that during holidays prices are generally higher.

Where to rent a car for a holiday?

You have a choice between the major international networks, local rental agencies and car manufacturers, advantages and disadvantages:  
  • The major chains (Hertz, Sixt, Avis)
  • Present in stations and airports all over the world.
  • To be preferred for a trip abroad.
Warning: prices may increase during the holiday period. Local agencies:
  • Attractive prices and a local customer relationship.
  • Obligation to collect and return the vehicle at the same agency.
Attention: these agencies have more traditional opening hours, make arrangements to return the vehicle on time!
  • Automobile manufacturers (such as Peugeot Rent)
  • An offer well suited to holiday or weekend rentals
  • Stable rates regardless of the time of year.
  • The guarantee of having the exact vehicle you have booked.
Attention: car manufacturers also have more restricted opening hours. Our advice: Book directly on the rental companies' websites! You will be able to compare rates more easily, check the availability of cars and benefit from a discount of at least 5% on the total price of your rental! However, do not forget to consult the cancellation conditions, which are often charged on the Internet.