The big moving day is coming up and to make your life easier, you have decided to rent a van or a van, it's a wise decision! But have you thought of everything, have you asked yourself the right questions? What are the rental conditions, what does the insurance cover, how do you go about it? A brief overview of everything you need to know....

Which truck size to choose?

First, you need to determine the size of the truck you will need, so take the time to estimate the volume you will have to move. There are two methods to help you: the approximate method of halving the surface area of your home (example: your apartment is 30 square meters, the volume of your move will be about 15 cubic meters) or the volume calculator which has the advantage of being more accurate. You will then be able to:
  • or rent a Peugeot Expert utility vehicle with a volume of up to 6 cubic meters,
  • Or rent a Peugeot Boxer with a maximum capacity of 15 cubic meters.
By choosing the vehicle best suited to the volume of your move, you will be assured that you will not have to make several tedious trips back and forth!

Which van rental formula to choose?

You will now be able to study the offers of the different rental companies and discover that there are several formulas:
  • by the day,
  • at the weekend,
  • by the week,
  • mileage package
  • Or unlimited mileage...
Of course, your choice will be determined according to your own criteria: if you move without crossing all of France, you will prefer a day or weekend rental, with a fixed price of kilometers. This formula is often more advantageous than the unlimited mileage option, which should be studied carefully! Similarly, depending on the distance you have to travel, you can opt for the "one-way" option, which allows you to return your rental vehicle to your destination city.

What does the price of renting your van include?

The price is first of all determined according to the type of vehicle you are going to rent, the duration of the rental and the options you have chosen. It includes the insurance that will cover you in case of theft or damage, and the mileage plan if you have chosen this solution. The goods transported are not covered by the insurance, and you will, of course, have to pay for your fuel and return your van with a full tank! Finally, the rental company will ask you to pay a deposit which will be returned to you when the vehicle is returned.

What documents should be provided to the rental company?

To rent a moving van or any other vehicle, the rental company will ask you for certain documents such as:
  • your national identity card,
  • a recent proof of residence,
  • Your driver's license. (yours and those of the additional drivers)
  • the bank card in the name of the main driver
  • To drive a SUV, you must be at least 21 years old and have held a driver's license for at least 12 months and often 24 months.
Our advice: to save money on the rental of your van, we advise you to rent on the internet. Did you know that you can now rent a van from car manufacturers such as Peugeot Rent, for example, their rates are low and their range of rental vehicles extensive. You now know almost everything about renting a van for your move! And to rent with complete peace of mind, and discover our range of Peugeot vans perfectly adapted to your needs.